Kind Words - Heather

Births August 2012 & June 2014

Jodi was our doula at the birth of our first daughter in August 2012, and I would absolutely highly recommend her! She is knowledgeable, experienced, open-minded and extremely nurturing/supportive. She was an amazing contributor to our birthing experience, both my husband and I were so happy to have her there! Even my healthcare provider commented on her superior talents as a doula - and he performs something like 300 births a year! Overall, Jodi was just an amazing supporter throughout the entire process - she met with us prior to the birth to discuss our birth plans, fears, expectations, etc. She met with us afterwards for breastfeeding support, to help us understand infant bowel movements, and to demonstrate how to use a Boba/Moby wrap:) And during the birth, I really can't say enough about her nurturing presence - she stopped on her way in to pick up coconut water, was a non-invasive but very supportive/nurturing presence throughout the entire birth, especially reminding me when to breathe and stay hydrated, encouraging me to change laboring positions, even helping me to the bathroom and literally dropping to her hands and knees to help physically support me when I had a contraction while walking! She was also extremely helpful in offering suggestions to my husband of things he could do to help support me and the process, which he was very grateful for (it can be a little overwhelming for the partners! ha!)! Those are just a few of the many examples I could give of her contributions to our labor process; immediately after the birth, because she knew that breastfeeding was a high priority for us, she helped my daughter and I start nursing successfully for the first time. And because actions speak louder than words, we never gave a second thought to asking Jodi to attend the birth of our second daughter as well - Jodi ended up literally catching her! We feel absolutely blessed to have had Jodi as a part of our birthing experiences.