Kind Words - Megan

Birth - July 2014

Jodi was simply amazing to work with through pregnancy and childbirth, and continues to be a wonderful support to our family. While I was pregnant, Jodi truly listened to our thoughts and concerns about the birth process, and helped us talk productively through issues we thought we might have with our families or healthcare providers or childbirth itself. She also helped us learn about different approaches to labor, and gave us things to think about that might not have occurred to us on our own, but ended up being important parts of our birth plan. During labor, Jodi was a calm and reassuring presence, and kept me focused on my breathing and visualizations even through the most intense and scary moments, allowing me to achieve the unmedicated birth I was hoping for. She also knew exactly the right questions to ask at just the right times to make sure I could advocate for myself with my doctors and stay as close to my birth plan as possible. Jodi is warm and caring, and always knows when you need a laugh or when you need someone to take things seriously. I felt throughout my pregnancy and labor that I was her absolute first priority and that I could depend on her for anything I needed. I am so grateful to Jodi for the huge part she played in my incredible birth experience, and I could never recommend her enough.


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