Kind Words - Mary

Births January 2014

Jodi was my doula for the birth of my twin girls. During my pregnancy, I felt deeply that I was capable of a healthy, natural birth. However, twin pregnancies are automatically treated as high risk, and Jodi was the first birth professional to back me 100%. She affirmed my conviction that I could birth my girls naturally, and provided me with information, resources, and emotional support leading up to the birth. The birth did not commence as I had hoped; my water broke at a check-up just shy of 35 weeks, and I was taken alone in an ambulance to Maine Med. Jodi met me at the hospital along with my husband, and she was indispensable throughout my labor and delivery. As my labor began in earnest, Jodi asked the nurses and doctors to take a moment to review my birth plan (which they hadn’t even looked at), and negotiated for intermittent fetal monitoring, rather than continuous. To labor well, I needed to move freely, as the pain increased exponentially when I was asked to lie on the bed for monitoring. I don’t know what would have happened if Jodi had not been there to remind them of my desire for movement, as I was not longer in a state of mind to advocate for myself. Throughout the duration of the labor and delivery, Jodi was a comforting, calming, and protective presence for me, allowing me to do that work that I needed to do, and providing a buffer between me and the outside world. As my girls were born, they were taken immediately for monitoring in the NICU. It was heartbreaking to have them taken, but my husband was able to go with them, leaving Jodi to support me and care for me during what proved to be a challenging stage 3 of labor (delivery of the placenta). Jodi visited me the following day to bring me an amazing mother’s milk tea and to process the birth experience, and continued to check in with me during the following weeks. I will be forever grateful to Jodi for her love and support during this special time in my life.


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