Kind Words - Claire

Birth - December 2013

My husband and I were expecting our first child in December 2013. We were looking for someone who would help both of us through the new experience. Someone we felt comfortable with, who put us at ease, listened to what we were hoping for in the birthing process, and wanted to join us in the journey (instead of leading it).

After meeting with several doulas, we both felt Jodi was a wonderful fit. She sat at our kitchen table and it felt like we were chatting with an old friend. This was someone we knew we would feel comfortable seeing us both at our most vulnerable and human. Jodi met with us several times prior to labor and delivery. We were appreciative of her suggestions and ideas as to how to we could prepare for the birth experience we wanted. My husband was really nervous about trying to "coach" me through labor and delivery. He was worried he would choke, not know what to do, and would somehow fail me. Having Jodi as our doula was comforting to him.

As with many first time moms, there were lots of exciting "Could this be it!?" moments leading up to the real deal. Jodi helped us through all of them as our cheerleader and sounding board. When my labor finally did begin, Jodi was there as soon as we felt we needed her support. I had a long labor. It wasn't what I had hoped for, but it was still our experience and we wouldn't trade it! The labor and delivery experience would have been very different had Jodi not been there with us. We were so thankful for her presence. My husband rocked it (thanks to her quiet, gentle suggestions to him on how he could support me). I had no regrets, thanks to having someone there to help us fully understand everything that was happening and enable us to have the information we needed to make the best decision.

I would HIGHLY recommend Jodi to anyone who was interested in having a doula as part of their support team!