Ideas I saw - 4 Ways Minimalism Can Improve Parenting

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For a number of years, my family has been pursuing a life of more focused simplicity. We realize life can be complicated. But we don’t want to just surrender to the complication. This is why minimalism has been so attractive to us. On my blog, I document how minimalism has caused us to do all sorts of unique things:
  • value and maintain clutter-free spaces
  • get rid of 75% of our toys and games (it’s okay, the kids survived and they’re still smiling)
  • cut our wardrobe by more than 50%
  • eliminate paper clutter
  • whittle my collection of hundreds of books down to 18
  • keep only what would fit in a 6×12 trailer when we moved our family of 8 across the country
The examples above display how minimalism affects our physical “stuff.” But minimalism is about eliminating the unnecessary in order to focus on the most important. And it is a mindset that works its way into all areas of our lives—including our parenting.

Recently, I have been discovering how minimalism has made us better parents. And how it can improve your approach to parenting as well.

Here are 4 ways that stand out: read more