Birth Doula - Trained Labor Support

Jodi Phinney
Serving the Seacoasts of ME, NH & MA
Phone: 207 329 2773

Doulas can make a big difference by creating an environment where moms have an easier time tapping into their instincts and their partner feels comfortable being an active support person. I believe, when moms feel supported and are tuned in to the process, they are more present and labor progresses more smoothly.

I am a caring, objective and supportive doula who is attentive to the emotional issues surrounding birth. I will provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to mothers & families before, during and after the childbirth process. I am focusing on births full-time. With no children and a very flexible work schedule at Birth Roots I am able to be available for you.

“a doula for me” services include one to two prenatal appointments, help creating and maintaining your birth plan, unrestricted phone support, continuous hands-on support during labor and birth through first latch at breast or bottle feeding (or the first 2 hours after birth), birth story, and a postpartum visit, scheduled according to your needs. Please contact me with any questions.

A few additional services I will offer as your birth doula:
enhance your birth experience
give you full one-on-one care & support
enhance the birth experience for your expectant partner
lead you through relaxation exercises
will act as your main support person
will recommend varied positions and comfort measures to use
improve your experience with breastfeeding
encourage better parent-baby bonding
help to decrease incidence of postpartum depression


Jo said…
You are my 'light' this is going to be my very special time
Thank you Jodi
likeschocolate said…
since you don't have any recent post, I will just wish you from this one a very Happy New year!
likeschocolate said…
Thanks for stopping by today! I hope everything is going well with you too! Merry Christmas!
Clipping Path said…
Happy New Year. My wish for you in the coming year is peace and joy.

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